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Continuing Training for Lorry and Bus Drivers (BKF)

We offer the necessary seminars for continual training of professional drivers. These seminars are meant for up to 25 people at a time and include drinks, mid-morning coffee and lunch without further fees.


The dates are usually on Saturdays and can be booked individually, but we also offer group seminars for companies.

In order to meet all requirements and expectations, we regularly take part in seminars and informational events ourselves.

As far as possible, we will do practical exercises on the trucks. These can vary in topic from driver's workplace to proper mirror adjustment or securing of cargo.


The training includes 3 core areas, which are covered ba 5 different modules:

  1. Eco-Training
  2. Social Legislation / Driving Times and Resting Periods
  3. Driving Technique and Driving Safety
  4. Switching Point Driver
  5. Cargo Safety


Each module takes around 7 hours, leading to a total of 35 hours that have to be verified to get the key number 95 recorded on your documents. 


Your benefits:

  • seminars on Saturdays to reduce downtime
  • professional drivers can keep to the legislation with the seminars
  • professional drivers can discuss traffic, behaviour and problems among colleagues
  • extension of knowledge for professional drivers to enhance their coping strategies for every day traffic situations 



WhatsApp: 0171 47 42 638 (Thomas Kurz)